The property management service is a stand alone package, so if you have already found tenants for your property or you are unhappy with you current estate agent then please get in touch.

Property Management Service

  • Mid Tenancy Check-up – we will visit your property ‘mid tenancy’ to assess the condition of the property and report to you any maintenance requirements.
  • Single point of contact – our property manager has been with us for 10 years, is a landlord himself and will develop an intimate knowledge of your property.
  • Call-out repairs service – we will deal with maintenance requests from tenants 24/7 365 days a year.  We have many years of maintenance experience, allowing us to handle repairs quickly and cost effectively.
  • Maintenance and Refurbishments – as well as reactive repairs, we also experienced in decorating, kitchens, bathrooms and full refurbishments (including lofts and extensions).
  • Landlord’s Gas Safety – we arrange this important check on your behalf.
  • Expert Advice – we are very experienced and highly qualified to advise you on all aspects of your property.  We also ensure your property is kept to date with the changing legislation.
  • If you require new tenants, we are happy to arrange this through our lettings service.

Management service fees

We charge 4.8% (4% plus VAT) of the gross rent per month. This fee is automatically taken out of the rent collected from your property each month or payable by standing order for properties with tenants already in situ or arranged directly by landlord/other agent.

A maintenance float of £350 is also required to cover any incidental maintenance costs.

We don’t charge anything on top of routine contractor repair charges unless works are beyond £600 when a 12% (10% + VAT) arrangement fee on the cost of works is applicable.


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